Coronavirus testing for offices and workplaces with Prova

ID Verification

Secure, instant, encrypted ID authentication. Verify and control access to your identity and personal data with your phone.

Try checking Helen. Just download the app and scan her phone.

Secure, instant, encrypted test result delivery from lab PCR and rapid antigen tests, with shareable health status.

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Now available for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android.

Protected with Face ID

Privacy first. Your identity is protected with encryption. You choose when to share it.

Instant, real-time test results

Health test results integrated with the medical lab. Get your test results as soon as they're ready.

Protect your identity

Only share your status, not all your private information. The Prova app can authenticate your health status in the workplace, at airports or out and about with friends.

Monitor testing progress

Managers get daily, anonymised reports across multiple locations. Fully GDPR compliant.

Health pass ID
For you

Get your test results in the app. Prove your health status without revealing any personal info.

 Share your good health.
 Works on iOS and Android.
 Data stays private and encrypted.

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Health pass ID
For test providers and resellers

Supercharge your lab with real-time, encrypted test results in our biometric health passport app and GDPR-compliant reporting for clients

 Same-day integration with multiple lab systems.
 Shareable health status.
 GDPR-compliant, anonymised management reporting.

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Prova's Health Pass brings real-time COVID-19 PCR and antigen test results, shareable health status and anonymised management reporting to offices, workplaces and travel hubs.

  1. Get instant test results - scan the unique code, take your test, and your test results arrive in the Prova app as soon as they're ready.
  2. Confirm health status - show your Prova code to colleagues and staff to verify your health without revealing any personal information.
  3. Track testing status - all health data remains confidential to each person but managers get anonymised reports to monitor testing status and track progress.

What's a Health Pass ID?

Prova's unique Health Pass ID combines biometric authentication and in-app ePassport scan on iOS and Android phones, with instant health status from multiple lab systems to give you a secure, encrypted, shareable health status that integrates seamlessly with travel hubs and entertainment ticketing systems.

Which Coronavirus tests does Prova work with?

We're partnered with multiple, approved clinigroups, labs and test providers across the UK. Whether you stick with the same test providers or move to take advantage of the new testing technologies, you can carry your Prova test history, verifiable health status and management reporting with you, your team and your customers.

How secure is Prova?

Prova brings bank-grade security to the health technology sector. Your data is encrypted on your phone and across the web, and we don't sell access to anyone. You can read more about how we look after your data by downloading the Prova app.

Now on Apple Watch

Share your Prova health status on your wrist

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